Our Motto "Don't Get Ready...Stay Ready"

At Stay Ready Gear LLC™ we have over 11 years of law enforcement experience and truly care about our own. We promote on-duty and off-duty carry. We know it is better to have your gun and not need it, than need your gun and not have it. Our custom holsters make it less of a chore to stay ready. Proudly handcrafted in the USA. 

Stay Ready Gear LLC ™ donates 5% of all sales to the Fallen Agents Fund, a charitable organization with the goal of aiding and assisting the families of fallen U.S. Border Patrol Agents. Visit them at http://fallenagentsfund.org

Custom Kydex Holsters, Mag Carriers and More...

At Stay Ready Gear LLC™ we handcraft custom holsters, magazine carriers, handcuff carriers, tourniquet carriers and PIV card carriers… molded with .080 thick Kydex for great retention and extreme durability. Each holster is slightly different; the photos are only examples of more or less what yours will look like.

Please contact me if you have any specific requests or would like to see any models or options available in the future. Also, please contact me for quotes if you are a local resident of El Centro, CA and have another gun you'd like molded…if you are not local to see what we can work out.

Take a look at our cool patches and stickers…and Stay Ready tee shirts and hoodie!



Shipping lead time is 10-15 business days excluding holidays +7 business days for specialty orders.