Stay Ready Gear

Wrist Wraps Black Stay Ready Gear 33" for Weight Training, Oly Lifting, Crossfit

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Brand new wrist wraps made from a 100% cotton zen measuring 33" long. Has a string on the end that can be used to easily loosen and or tighten the wrist wrap during your WOD or workouts. 

Designed for crossfit but can be used with any sort of weight lifting or weight training where wrist support is critical. 

Easy to put on and take off, but can be made tight by a twist of the hand or a tug on the string. 

Perfect for Oly lifting such as snatches, cleans and jerks, overhead squats, . Also good for any sort of shoulder to over head movement with the barbell, dumbbell or kettle bells. Awesome for doing burpees or pull-ups where a little extra wrist support can help you battle through the toughest WODs.

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