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C.A.T. Tourniquet

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Tourniquet - Made for First Aid Response Kit & Trauma and Medical Bags. CAT Tourniquets are Best for Rapid Rescue in Combat & Tactical Application During Severe Emergencies and Blood Loss.



  • PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR EXISTING GEAR. Add this tourniquet to your First Aid Kit, IFAC, Medical Kit, Backpack, EDC Bag, Bug Out Bag, SHTF Bag.
  • STOP THE BLEED. This compression device is frequently purchased by Schools, Law Enforcement, Military, Firefighters, Paramedics, CERT teams, EMRs, EMTs and SWAT Teams.
  • TESTED & VOUCHED FOR BY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS. These include: A U.S Navy Commander, Retired Marines, Police Officers and Paramedics
  • AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE to North American Rescue CAT. EVERYONE should have access to Life Saving Equipment.

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