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Dual Layer Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB)

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Dual Layer Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB)

Choose your inside and your outside color,and finishing washers for a truly custom and unique look.

Same great quality as the normal IWN holsters but just in two-tone (dual layer)

Adjustable retention, streamline slim design for ultimate comfort and concealability.

Features an RCS VG Concealment Claw whish presses against the inside of your pant/belt tilting the grip of your firearm into the body making is more concealable and reducing print.

Inside Color:

Black, Blood Red, Hunter Orange, Zombie Green, White, Pink, Police Blue, Tiffany Blue, Purple


Outside Color:

Tactical Black, Blood Red, OD Green, Coyote Brown, Gunmetal Gray, Hunter Orange, Zombie Green,White,Tiffany Blue, Pink, Police Blue, Purple, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber Red, Carbon Fiber Police Blue, Carbon Fiber Zombie Green, Carbon Fiber Hunter Orange


Finishing Washers:

Black, Red, Zombie Green, Hunter Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White,Tiffany Blue



-1.5" or 1.75" Belt Clip-Left or Right Handed

-Sweat Shield: Low, Medium or High(recommended)

-Threaded Barrel or no Threaded Barrel


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