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Glock 19/23 w/APLc OWB Group Buy

Regular price $ 65.00

Here's a chance to get an OWB (outside the waistband) holster for the Glock 19/23 W/APLc. 

As long as we presell 6 holsters, the buy will proceed. I have arranged  for a custom CNC vacuum mold and trim jig to made specially for the very popular combination Glock 19/23 W/APLc .

It will be offered at a reduced price of $65, which is $15 less then the normal $80 for my other OWB holsters with a light.

This group but will be for RIGHT handed holsters only. If enough lefties contact me and want to do left handed, we can arrange it. Please PM separately.

The holster with be straight drop (no forward cant). Black .080 kydex. It will have 1 adjustable retention point. You'll have your choice between 1.5" enclosed package wing, 1.75" enclosed pancake wing, or the TacWare Mounts.

Group buy will run for 7-10 days or so, once we have enough participants the molds will be ordered. I will then leave it open for a few more days. Lead time will depend on when I shut down the buy, and how long it takes for the molds/trims to be produced and shipped to me, then I will begin production on making holsters. Should be roughly 2-3 weeks from when the buy begins. Do not participate if you're in urgent/immediate need of a holster. This will take some time.

These kydex holsters are perfect for off duty concealment carry and plain clothes/intel operations and range day practice or competition.

PHOTOS are for REFERENCE ONLY, actual holsters will be slightly different. The basic design will be the same, but they will be slightly more low profile. Ill have some photos of the last group buy I did that included HKp2000 and HKp2000 w/TLR1

Any questions, email or PM me: Joseph  

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