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OWB "Taco Style" Holster

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Custom made OWB (outside the waistband) Holster "Taco Style"

Strong Side Carry.

These holster have great retention and are extremely durable.

Adjustable Retention.

.080 thick custom molded Kydex holster.

Mounting System:

The Combat Loop (DCL) is the most advanced sheath and holster attachment introduced in years. The design of the Combat Loop allows the attached item to be carried in the vertical on belts and web gear. This attachment works like a door swinging closed and snapping into place for a secured carry. The DCL can be unlocked and removed via a one-handed spring closure release. This same release has a built-in slide lock safety to secure the mounting to your belt. The DCL design is rugged and secure. The closure and safety "snap" with rugged authority.

The DCL has a removable belt size adjustment bar that fits 2" inch belts down to 0.25" inch cords and webbing.

All orders are made to order and will ship within 10-14 business days (Monday-Friday). Each holster is custom made by hand by me in the USA. Each holster is slightly different, the photos are only examples of more or less what yours will look like. If you have any specific requests, please contact me. Such as RMR cuts, Cants, Sweat Shield, etc...

Currently offering holsters for:

HK: p2000, p2000SK, USP 9 fullsize, VP9

GLOCK: 17,19, 20, 20SF, 21, 21SF, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32,42, 43

Sig: p320 compact, p229 w/rail

M&P: Shield 9/40, 9/40 4.25"

**There will be a $10 fee if I have to order the mold/drone for a custom request. Please contact me for an invoice before ordering**
*If you are local (El Centro, CA) and have another gun you'd like molded, contact me for quotes. If you are not local, contact me to see what we can work out.
Blood Red, Hunter Orange, Tactical Black, OD Green (Olive Drab), Gunmetal Gray, Tiffany Blue, Neon Pink, Artic White, Coyote Brown
*ADD $5*
Carbon Fiber Orange, Carbon Fiber Police Blue, Carbon Fiber Zombie Green, Carbon Fiber Black, Caron Fiber Red
Left or Right Handed (please choose one)




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