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We Don't Fight Alone Patch

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One of our brothers, James Ammon, a BPA here in Calexico is battling Stage 4 Colon Rectal Cancer. He's in need of help, (Leave donations, financial and pray)


I decided to make a patch, and donate $5 for every patch sold. Goal is to sell roughly 200 patches and donate to James and his family $1000 (or more!)


He is about to undergo a new testing that will cost anywhere from $3000-20,000. I know only a $1000 isn't much but any little bit helps. 


I will also take straight donations to my venmo or paypal accounts. Ill hold these funds until all patches are sold and donate all the money at once.

venmo: stayreadygearusa 



Patches will be $10, and will take roughly 3 weeks or so once I get final numbers in. Ill put them on my website as a pre-sell and will be shipped once they arrive.

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